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Extranet Collaborative Tool & Contacts manager.

ADALTA Solutions

Contacts Manager Application

An installable Windows application to manage your contact and companies.
Manage Contact and Companies list
Classification of contacts in groups
Manage Groups and contacts
Quick search and export any results to Excel
Contact saved into Outlook contacts list
Centralized database hosted on your private Server or in the Cloud
Multi-users application protected by login and password
ADALTA Solutions

Extranet Collaborative Tool

Use a secure collaboration platform to structure communication.
Create new posts or events with attached documents for multiple groups
Groups can be public or private
View all posts and events on a central dashboard
List view or calendar view avaible for Events
Subscription form for Events. Administrators can download an Excel subscribers list.
Shared filesystem for all members (public) and for each private group
View activity in groups ou are involved
Receive email notifications for any new activity of your groups.
Manage extranet members, groups and roles (Administrator)
ADALTA Solutions